Captain's Log: Stardate 10857.1
This past weekend was the Enterprise's mission in Saturday's Women Skippers' Race and Sunday's Day Race, all hosted by City Island Yacht Club. We had enough crew for each, so I was happy (well, more like obligated) to pay the over-inflated entry fees.

Saturday started with what was planned to be a casual, relaxing lunch prior to race time, but ended up with me overboard with a scrubber and floatation device wiping off the latest levels of slime that had built up on the Enterprise's hull. Last time I saw anything that disgusting, it was coming out of the corners of John Esposito's mouth whenever Ensign Ellen walked past.

Saturday's breeze kept building (along with my level of anxiety) but we headed out to the race course ready to face the challenges. Our skippers, officially named The Spinnaker Pole Dancers, were top notch, but there were some others out there on other boats that, frankly, had me more terrified than the premise of having to watch the Mamma Mia movie.

The committee finally showed up (very late) and we were sent on a long course that exhausted the hell out of all of us in the 20+ breeze (It had to be close to 30 at some points. Wow.) I wanted to go home when the skipper of the Orion ship "Tesser", just a few boat lengths ahead, tried pinching to reach the second upwind mark and ended up back-winding the jib, over-heeling the boat, thereby making it swing towards us a break-neck speeds. Her scream is still resonating through the bay and my life flashed in front of my eyes -- not really liking the ending. Even Ensign Zoraida was too scared to yell out "Ay Dios Mio!"

Sunday's race featured much longer courses and a more complete crew. After waiting for over an hour in postponement on 7 knots of breeze (why?) we were finally off, leading the fleet for practically the entire race.

I personally made a error at the first mark, rounding to Port instead of Starboard, but overall, the crew performed amazingly well in a variety of conditions: an Easterly, a Southerly, a None-therly, back to an Easterly and finally a storm-therly, where the Enterprise sailed the final leg on a reach at speeds well over Warp 8. Glorious!

Most impressive was the crew's handling of the spinnaker, including a mid-leg take down and a superbly-executed jibe near Hart Island.

We crossed the line first, getting the gun and corrected into second place - all thanks to the crew's expertise. Officially, I have withdrawn from the race because of my error early on at the first mark (we sailed more than we should have) but the performance and result is still sweet.

After the race, we went to CIYC to see if their post-race offerings had improved since our earlier two experiences. Not even close. Racers were greeted with a single 12 by 24-inch tray of finger foods (some badly burnt) and a quarter-keg of flat beer left over from the day before. Oh my. What happened to the pride of City Island Yacht Club? And what did my $90 entry fee go for anyway? Disappointing.

Finally, I feel it is my duty to post a warning to the crew regarding some of the equipment on board. I have been made aware that the latches to open and close ports down below, when operated normally, may cause bone sprains or fractures of the index finger.

Especially if your finger is, well, dainty.