Captain's Log: Stardate 10860.0
Last night, the crew of the Enterprise gathered for what was supposed to be the race that would earn us a throwout and further cement us in our third-place standing. The conditions were perfect and we knew we would do well, even though Commander Richard hurt himself and decided to spend the evening underneath the MYBC tent and watch boaters set what's left of the club on fire using barbecues.

But, upon our arrival to the starting line, Kenny noticed that the warp core stabilizing anti-matter influx coupler (the main sheet block on the traveler) was bent out of shape and was one good wind puff from blowing. So, before Mitch could yell out "Oh my god, the main sheet block killed Kenny!" and Dave could yell "You bastard!", we decided to head on back to orbit to make margaritas and repairs (in order of priority.)

Afterwards, faulty block in hand and with a plan to get a replacement during the Montauk Worlds Regatta, we, like an idiot child who keeps putting his hand on the hot stove, went back to City Island Yacht Club for dinner, sampling their one-pass-only buffet of undercooked burgers, greasy fries and pasta that could have either featured tiny mushrooms or mouse feces -- not too sure.

Still, my plate didn't hit the surface of the table for more than a nanosecond before Ensign Ellen grabbed the longest, girthiest fry on the plate.

We started to discuss the details about this weekend's Montauk Worlds Regatta, including some of the sleeping arrangements and what to bring (towels, sheets, etc.) Ensign June surprised us all with her expert knowledge of how to remove protein stains from sheets so that it can't be traced. She said she watches CSI. Personally, I didn't know CSI was on the Spice Channel.

I fully expect the Enterprise back to full operational status for next week's race. But, without Lt. Jonathan, Commander Richard, Commander Jory and others, I'm worried we won't have enough crew on board for our missions. Add to that the appearance that Ensign Brittany has disappeared, it's time to recruit.

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