Captain's Log: Stardate 10861.7
With Commander Jory in Italy, Commander Richard in New Mexico, Ensign Brittany in Turkey and Lt. Jonathan choosing to play with his band "Not Dead Yet" over racing, the Enterprise went forth last night with several newbies getting used to the ship and several "oldies" getting used to new positions. By the way, "Not Dead Yet" is not only the name of Jonathan's Grateful Dead Tribute Band, but, amazing enough, the first choice of group name for "Jonny Flaks and the Off-Tones", but, alas, it was taken.

Joining the crew for his second mission was Crewman Blake, whom I can see has a real future in Starfleet. He handled tacking well and did a superb job filling in for some of Captain Dave's foredeck duties during Captain Dave's elbow injury which he claimed was from years of pulling halyards, but some of us think it may be from opening cabinets in the galley.

We started with the fleet on the line with no real positional advantage. After seeing Crossbow go to the right side, we followed, hoping to gain some standing if possible. And, although the crew performed amazingly well, especially with crew filling into positions for the first time, I couldn't make good enough tactical decisions and chose the wrong side of the course during the upwind legs.

Although we agreed, several times, it was all Richard's and Jonathan's fault.

Downwind, well, all I can say is, "Wow!" Our sets could have been a little faster, but the flying, gybing and take-downs were superbly executed. Kudos to Lt. Commander Mitch, Captain Dave, Ensign Ellen, Ensign Zoraida and Crewman Olivier for their chute-handling skills and thanks to Ensign Kenny and Ensign June for running the pit so well. And, thanks to Lt. Kurt's mommy and daddy for exploring City Island restaurants, thereby able to give Kurt a ride home and thereby enabling Kurt to race and handle the main downwind.

Despite our 4th out of 5 performance last night, this did mark our first of a possible two throwouts for the season. We're in third, but, as it stands now, only if "The Terrorist" doesn't qualify. We still need to do well. There's 4 weeks to go and I know this crew can do it.

It looks like, again, several key people are not as dependable as we hoped they would be and fill-ins are needed. If we can get everyone we had last night, we'd be in great shape.

Meanwhile, despite my repeated test of the phone lines to see if they are operational, there have been no calls whatsoever for bookings for Jonny Flaks and the Off-Tones.