Captain's Log: Stardate 10863.7
Last night started with winds lighter than the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center as we circled the engine-less committee boat with a careful eye on the windspeed desperately hoping to see it go above 5 for more than a few seconds. And, amazingly enough, just before the drop-dead time of 7:45, it happened. 6.1 steady. Ooooh, this was going to be a mast-bender. Better break out the life jackets.

We started by the pin in first-place position, but the weight of the Enterprise was simply no match for the ultra-light competitor, who easily passed us on the upwind leg. Still, the Enterprise was sailing incredibly well. Good speed, good handling. We did very, very well.

While the tacks, chute set and jibe went without flaws -- all perfectly executed with precision and expertise by the Enterprise crew, I was most impressed by Ensign Ellen's Starfleet computer voice impersonation calling out speed for the main trim team. "Warp 5.1, Warp 5.3, Warp 5.7." But, I must admit I was a little concerned when she, in the same voice, said, "The starboard anti-matter coolant intake valve is reading out of alignment by 1.2 microns. Automatic compensators are engaged and functioning within specified parameters."

I also noticed, approaching the windward mark, just before the crew prepared the boat for the downwind leg and the spinnaker hoist, that someone yelled out "Yellow Alert!" I wondered, not sure whether to be proud or a little frightened, if I took this 'Enterprise' thing just a little too far.

After the finish, Foredeck Captain Dave wanted to tempt fate and asked if we could jibe the spinnaker again. Everyone scrambled (I think I head "Yellow Alert!" again) and wooosh, another perfect jibe with no collapse whatsoever. We got it down!

Then, I think someone said "Richard who?"

We finished the evening uncorking a new box of wine and sending around a delectable combination of cheese, salami, crackers and Japanese soy pods (extra points if you can figure out which crewmember brought the soy pods.)

With only three races to go, and even without some key people next week, I think Third place is ours. Now's not the time to slack off though. We still need to do well. And, with our performance lately, I have no doubts.