Captain's Log: Stardate 10865.6
Last night, the winds were a little lighter than we hoped for, but with Commanders Jory and Richard back, we were going to give it our best.

Our start was a few seconds off (maybe four), but we held our own against the three Beneteaus at Warp 6 leaving Captain Ohstrom's new ship, the Star, stuck at low impulse. But, not to worry. We're on to you, Star. Throwing races to get an even better rating. Shame on you.

Missing once again, but this time without any kind of real excuse like being in the Canary Islands or in Turkey, was Ensign Brittany, but then again, we only really noticed because there was far less chatter on board. Ensign Zoraida is back on the foredeck as long as she keeps clear from bisexual (or is that bicycle - I'm still not clear on that) accidents or bouts of arthritis.

Crewman Blake, though out of uniform last night, seems to be doing well getting acclimated to the ship. Still, when asked to take Lt. Jonathan's post at the pit, he seemed more out of place than Hillary Clinton at the DNC the other night. Still, I'm sure Blake will come along quite well in the seasons to come.

Our spinnaker sets were sheer perfection as was our several jibes in the shifty conditions -- all while never losing an ounce of shape. At one point, after a jibe and with the chute perfectly trimmed while the Enterprise cruised steadily at Warp 5.2, Ensign Kenny asked, "Didn't you used to have a guy on board with a big yellow bag? What was his name?"

Speaking of Lt. Commander Mitch: he just reported in from his shore leave on Cape Cod where he was logging on the Internet to check the results from last night at EBYRA.COM, but, in his haste, he left out the "Y" and after hours of admiring cup sizes and lingerie at, he almost forget about racing altogether.

Careful, Mitch. You don't want to get your keyboard, um, sticky.

We finished fourth right on the tail of Breakaway, easily correcting into third for the night. A job well done by the crew in demanding conditions. I can't tell you how impressed I am with this crew's performance this year and how much they have learned. The key here is to not forget for next season. Everyone: Go someplace warm and sail this winter. That's an order.

At the very least, set up a fan near your bathtub and look for puffs.

We finished the evening with boxed wine, cookies and some cheese that Jory brought over from Italy that was so good, we're considering sacrificing fast tacks and sending him back for more.

With two more races to go, it looks like this will be our best year yet. Well done all. Well done.