Captain's Log: Stardate 10870.5
With the bulk of the season behind us, I find myself planning for the Port Washington YC Charity Cup, hauling the ship and the future seasons on the Enterprise.

Trying not to be sad about the passing of another year, to cheer myself up, I started to flip through the numerous photographs taken by members of the crew over the season, from pictures of Lt. Jonathan and Commander Jory sanding down the hull; to our first shakedown cruise; to the Montauk Worlds Regatta; and finally to the photos taken by Lt. Kurt on the final Wednesday Night.

For the most part, I liked Kurt's photos, capturing the crew preparing for the last Wednesday Night race in very light conditions. But, even since last Thursday when I first saw it, there was one photo in particular that had me worried.

Yes, Lt. Zoraida seems happy to be on the water and perhaps that look in her eyes was based more on fatigue from long days at work rather than trying to scare those around her.

But, she was carrying the boat knife and kept saying something about a social experiment and repeating over and over "¿Que asi pesado?"

"¿Que asi pesado? ¿Que asi pesado?"

I thought nothing of it until today when, on a whim, I just happened to use one of those online translation services. That had me wonder what Zoraida would look like with a little make-up on. Oh my God . . .

Where's Batman when you need him?

Captain's Log: Supplemental
HI: 2, JF: 1