Captain's Log: Stardate 10889.6
This past weekend, several members of the Enterprise crew formed a landing party and beamed over to the planet Brooklyn, home of Lt. Commander Mitch Nochlin and his wife Pam. The voyage itself was surprisingly uneventful despite travelling over the Robert Kennedy Memorial Bridge, trying to stay clear of the Marilyn Monroe Tunnel (knowing how much traffic it has seen.)

Mitch's home, an apartment in the Park Slope area, was beautiful in design and warmth, with the center of the space boasting an oval-shaped dining room. But, I must admit, I was disappointed in Lt. Commander Mitch's use of the oval-shaped room and I suggested to him, perhaps, some chairs, a widescreen television and perhaps some office technology around the walls. You know, something more like this:

It was great seeing most everyone again, especially in a setting where nobody was discussing tactics or sail trim. Instead, Lt. June was raving about her new "detox" diet (something Lt. Zoraida had been trying all during the summer.) As I understand it, the detox diet consists of lots of drinking, maple syrup, salt water and no food whatsoever. I was very surprised to hear it also includes taking a laxative, because the whole thing sounds so full of –-

We all caught up on goings on, including my recent bout with pneumonia and my recent purchase of a new refrigerator. Marcy, Commander Richard's wife, was seemingly impressed that I purchased one with an ice-maker stating that Richard also purchased one recently but didn’t choose one with an ice-maker. Commander Richard instantly showed off his technical prowess and stated, "Of course it has an ice-maker. You put water in a tray and place the tray in the freezer. Soon, it'll make ice. It's amazing!"

Although he wasn't there, I could almost hear Kurt say, "Logical. Undeniably logical."

Both Mitch and Pam were the perfect hosts, serving a seemingly endless supply of hors d'oeuvers and wine. Unfortunately, there's only so much wine you can serve before somebody decides to put a propeller beanie on their head.

What a fantastic night. I hope this is just the first of many off-season gatherings for the crew.