Captain's Log: Stardate 10912.6
For more than a decade, quite a few members of the Enterprise crew have suggested that we come up with a theme song for the ship to either play or sing as the boat approaches a starting area for a Wednesday Night or weekend race.

There was even a point in time where we had an actual professional composer on board, Ensign Andy Brick, known for his work on video games and Disney video releases. Yet, the only artistic lyrics we received from Andy was during a 98-degree August day when the head overflowed on the Enterprise-A. He rose from the cabin after several minutes down below searching for inspiration and said, "Man, it sucks down there." We never got music though and Andy left the Enterprise a few weeks after.

For years, I have tried to find some score of music that would be a moving combination of Alexander Courage from Star Trek: The Original Series, Jerry Goldsmith from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as even Dennis McCarthy, the composer from Star Trek: Generations - the only film to actually have footage of the Enterprise-B. But, since my musical talents didn't go beyond three months of piano lessons, I always knew this project wouldn't go far.

Even for the past two years, with Lt. Jonathan Flaks on board, keyboardist and vocalist for "One Dog Man", "CC and Company" and the Grateful Dead tribute band "Not Dead Yet", the best we've been able to come up with so far is a screamingly off-key version of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" recorded in New Jersey where Lt. Ellen could not stop laughing and Lt. Zoraida got a handful of harmonica-saliva.

But, I'm proud to report that, thanks to last week's Saturday Night Live Digital Short featuring Andy Samberg's band "The Lonely Island" and a single off their album "Incredibad", we have found our theme!

In a time where century-old yacht clubs are shutting down and the boating industry is facing its worst times ever, we should be reminded of just how great it is to be on a boat. I'm asking all crew to spend the next few months learning this song.

I think Lt. Commander Mitch should do the part of T-Pain, top hat, sunglasses and all.