Captain's Log: Stardate 10923.6
Towards the end of last season, our very own Ensign Kenny announced that he was engaged to his long-time girlfriend Nina and that they had set a date for May 2009.

Now, with that date quickly approaching, we were able to find their wedding website -- There, you can find lunch-tossing photos of the happy couple, where they are registered and a way to RSVP to see their vows in person somewhere near the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

We all had heard that Nina and her family were from Lehigh Valley, but, even still, could not understand why they chose Billy Joel's "Allentown" as their wedding theme song.

After all, it's a song about how things start off great, but then deteriorate into poverty and misery. And yet, the people there stay because they think, somehow, that things will get better.

Oh wait! Now I get it! It's about marriage!! It all makes sense now . . .