Captain's Log: Stardate 10929.3
A good portion of the Enterprise crew, including our two newest crewmembers, beamed over to our starbase earlier today to prepare the Enterprise for commissioning to boldly go on her missions once again for the sailing season.

There was much to be done, including bottom paint (our shields from the strange life forms that attach to hulls), a repowering of our systems and the repair of several airlocks.

Missing was Lt. Zoraida and Lt. June, the latter of whom wanted to see history as the Yankees played their first game in their new stadium. And history she saw -- 14 runs scored against the Skankees in the 2nd inning - the most runs scored against the team in a single inning. Ever. Oh well, it at least looks like the pitching staff isn't on steroids.

Also missing, though we can't understand why, was Foredeck Captain Dave -- especially when a good amount of the work today was actually done on the foredeck. It will be interesting to see if Dave notices. I guess we'll know when we hear the splash.

And, rounding out the absences was Lt. Kurt (who was trapped on a farm without email for a long time, and now has suffered those consequences by missing out on Advanced Screening tickets to "Star Trek") and Commander Richard, who was stuck in Filthydelphia.

I believe this is the third work party in a row that my father has missed, so we left the head cleanup duty to him on what will hopefully be a very hot day. And, to ensure he has enough to clean up, we closed the through-hull valves and let Lt. Jonathan use the head after an especially long night sampling the menu at Taco Bell. Suddenly the slogan "Make a run for the border" makes sense to us.

Many thanks goes to the expert painting team of Lt. Ellen and Yeoman Kelly, who did a fantastic job of prepping the bottom and applying the paint. And, they inhaled enough fumes from the chemicals that neither will have to worry about any kind of internal infection for, say, the next 10,000 years.

Lt. Jonathan was there for about two hours - just enough time to paint the prop and apply zincs to the shaft. Luckily, he steered clear of cabinet doors and drawers in the galley. He made it home safe. In one piece.

Commander Jory and Lt. Commander Mitch did their part in sealing windows and doing a fantastic job cleaning up and conditioning the wood in the quarters down below, right after I restored main power.

Crewman Olivier with Crewman Luke and Ensign Kenny reattached the forward hatch and made sure it was in top condition before helping out Ellen and Kelly apply the second coat of anti-fouling paint.

Kenny did tell us more about his upcoming nuptuals, including some details about a bachelor party and the honeymoon, where they will be visiting Africa and taking a safari though the wilds. Not for me, to be sure. My idea of "roughing it" would be no concierge.

Still, as we downed a few pies of pizza, we wondered why go on a honeymoon to an African safari? Aside from missing two weeks of racing, wouldn't you save a trip where you can get eaten by lions for after one's been married for a while?

The Enterprise is scheduled to launch next week. Details coming soon on our updated schedule, including some warm-up and tuning voyages through the final frontier.