Captain's Log: Stardate 10933.2
With the launch of our Enterprise set for this Saturday afternoon with the tide, I felt it was only fitting to bring a select few officers from my crew to witness the launch of another Enterprise. So, Lieutenants Ellen, June, Zoraida and myself formed a landing party to beam down to the Regal Ewok theatre in New York City to see what most of the rest of the country won't get to see for at least another week:

To say the movie was good would be as much as an understatement as saying Khan has anger issues. From frame one to the end credits, the latest movie is a roller-coaster ride with an interesting story, breathtaking action and wondrous special effects. Not only did J.J. Abrams break the odd-number curse, he, much like what was done with the Bond series with "Casino Royale" and the Batman series with "Batman Begins", completely reworked the franchise and breathed new life into the series. But, unlike the Bond and Batman reboots, what we have seen in the past is not forgotten and is the basis for the events as they unfold.

Things are certainly different. The Enterprise is different - faster, more heavily armed. The crew is different - how they meet, interact. Their history is different - the fate of Captain Christopher Pike, the absence of Kirk's years as a lieutenant on the USS Farragut. But, the story, expertly written by FOX's "Fringe" scribes Orci and Kurtzman, gives us the reasons why.

I simply can't wait to see it again. And I can't wait for the sequel due out in 2011, again with Abrams at the helm, but also joined by his writing team of ABC's "LOST" (scheduled to conclude in 2010.)

The message: These people are special. That ship is special. No matter what, fate brings them together because they all belong together.

Much like my crew and my Enterprise.

Of course, no screening would be complete unless it was followed by a Dallas BBQ dinner in Times Square where we can discuss the intricacies and complications of time travel, yacht racing, and negotiating apartment leases. Oh, I almost forgot, June announced that she is not a serial killer.

All of this is thanks to my wonderful sister Jan, a television producer who used all the connections she could in order to make this happen, despite all my transparent bluffs of telling her that I will hate her forever if she doesn't deliver. Love ya, sis.

The movie is out, the boat is going in, and EBYRA is starting. It's May! As a captain once said (or will say) - "Buckle up!"