Captain's Log: Stardate 10934.0
In these tough economic times, I think the pharmaceutical industry is missing out on real profit center opportunity - the sale of high-powered tranquilizing sedatives to boat captains during the spring launching season.

Many thanks to Commander Jory, Lt. Commander Mitch and Lt. Ellen for their last-minute help with loading up gear, cleaning up the hull and below decks, and expert assistance with the launching of the Enterprise.

I must admit, I find myself especially disappointed with the few crewpeople who did nothing for our Spring prep and did not show for the haul-out last Fall. But not to worry, there's still a bilge to clean and oil to change. And plenty of "dirty jobs" all season long. You are part of a crew on the Flagship of the Federation. She needs maintenance, upkeep and care. There are no free rides on the Enterprise. Period.

Oh, and for the record, showing up to do work with your half-asleep two year-old daughter in your arms does not count. Explanations like "Sorry, my wife said it was my turn to watch her," are just not going to wash. Remember, this will be the same wife and kids who won't come near you for the balance of the year because you spent a hot, humid day in July trying to clear out one of Lt. Jonathan's industrial-strength "biscottis" out of the head plumbing.

The Enterprise launched with the tide, despite a brief scary moment where she started to fall during the transfer from the trailer to the travelift.

A few more seconds and I'd be on the phone with my insurance company to begin shopping for the Enterprise-C.

The season has begun!