Captain's Log; Stardate 10936.7
Last evening, a landing party comprised of myself, Commander Richard, Lt. Ellen, Lt. June and Crewman Luke beamed over to the USS Favored End to perform race committee duty for the first race of this year's Wednesday Night Race Series.

Lt. Ellen and I arrived much earlier to do some last-minute rigging, install some additions and help Captain Richie Coar and Rabbi David Shulman on the boat's engine. Apparently, we've been sucking down some dirty gas and keeping the boat going has been a challenge. It didn't take long for them to resolve the issue and I'm happy to say her engine was running perfectly for the rest of the day and night. Quite a relief too, because my usual solution to engine trouble is "get the jib out" - but, then again, Favored End doesn't have a jib.

Crewman Luke learned a valuable lesson last night, as told to him by one of the crew of USS Tolo's shuttlecraft: Don't be late - they will leave you at the dock. Luke showed up after we left for the starting area, though to be perfectly honest, I wasn't 100% sure he'd be attending given the absence of a ride and the record of the New York City Mass Transit system.

With expert work on flags, setting the line and getting things set up on time, we were well on our way to running a perfect committee - setting the bar high for all those who come after us. That is, until Eben misread his watch and ordered the drop of the "P" flag a minute early. We had to go to postponement and start all over again. Everyone say it with me now: Thanks Eben!

On hindsight, the courses we chose, especially for divisions 6 and 5, might have been a little short, but then again, with the wind and the setting sun, things were getting pretty cold on the committee boat. To give you an example of how cold things were, we were able to snap this photo of Eben on his way to the upper deck of Favored End:

This Saturday we rig and tune the Enterprise. Assuming all goes well (does it ever?), we'll be on the starting line for next Wednesday's race.