Captain's Log: Stardate 10940.5
Fully loaded with repaired gear, replacement parts and enough rum punch to take out a small army, the Enterprise set out for another Wednesday Night race. Of course, things got a little tense when, after we dropped the mooring, I discovered we had zero helm control and the Enterprise was beginning to assume a standard orbit around the Big Tom rocks.

I opened Airlock 3 (the stern ladder) to gain access to the helm controls, even though Lt. Commander Mitch thought I was abandoning ship. With the help of Captain Dave and crew passing up tools from below, all while Commander Richard and Lt. Jonathan fought over engine controls, we were able to restore control to the helm. The crisis was solved and we were able to get to the starting area well in time for our sequence.

Even though we were the first boat in our division to start, we certainly could have started better. We pushed hard on the upwind leg through the cold, bitter air, and rounded the upwind mark next to Eagle who wanted enough room at the mark to pass sideways with several feet to spare.

Our spinnaker set went very well as did our numerous jibes down Western Long Island Sound. We gained a lot of footing and rounded the leeward mark first after a well-executed take down. Great work by the foredeck team of Captain Dave, Lt. Zoraida and Yeoman Kelly. A welcome change from last week to be sure. Take that, Google!

We crossed the finish line first, correcting into second. Overall, a job well done!

And it was on the way back to the mooring and after we were secure that we heard phrases never before heard on board the Enterprise:

Dave: "If you're going down, grab me a hiney." -- Most men (or women as Kelly pointed out) would simply say, "If you're going down, I'll be happy."
Edd: "These Twizzlers taste like steering cable grease."
Mitch: "I know where I can get some good hard salami."
Ellen: "Mitch, if you put the rum punch in your bag, it might make things go easier with the goat later."
and, finally,
Jonathan: "Richard, you're moving too fast. Slow down."

The Enterprise is set for the Port Washington YC Day Race on Sunday and I'll be out there doing some work on Saturday.