Captain's Log: Stardate 10941.6
Edd: "Guys, that was probably the worst jibe - ever. Ever!"
Richard: "I don't know. There was that one on August 12, 1978..."

Oh yes, 1978. Eight crew injured. Three dead. I stand corrected. Second worst.

Mitch: "Actually, this wasn't a jibe. It was a take-down."

I stand corrected again. When the bow of the Enterprise looked like the snake scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, covered with twisted spinnaker sheets, guys, uphauls, downhauls, jib sheets and halyards, I realized that all hopes for a successful jibe was lost and called for a take-down. The chute went down and after what seemed like a week passed, we got the jib out again -- and we all cursed Dave for choosing to spend time with his boys instead of running the foredeck.

And so it was for the first weekend race of the season -- the Port Washington Yacht Club Day Race. Over 20 miles in a variety of wind conditions raging from a peaceful and slow 8-knot breeze to balls-out excitement in 20+ gusts.

The race was loaded with close calls, including an emergency maneuver around an anchored sailboat at Warp 9 with the chute flying with no control whatsoever - and for the first time this season (and hopefully the last) blood was spilled on the deck.

Then again, we rounded the first mark in fifth place - maybe it wasn't enough blood.

We missed Kenny on the main. We missed Dave on the foredeck. We missed Jonathan in the pit (and for getting a telltale unstuck -- it's made of yarn, it was high up, and we needed his kitten-like skills.)

Still, I was very impressed with the crew to overcome the challenges as we fought hard to regain standing on the ultra-long upwind legs as well as the faith they put in me when I decided to take the Enterprise through the very-narrow opening between Stepping Stone Rocks and the Kings Point shoreline to save time.

"We're going in there," I said and set a course into what the crew starting referring to as The Wormhole.

Richard started shaking his head. "I don't know... it's your boat...."

We made it through at Warp 6 and gained a ton of footing on our competition. It felt so good to see Captain Iris Vogel's Deviation just a few minutes ahead of us in the final legs.

We set the chute for the final two legs and all seemed well until a big wind gust hit from the aft quarter forcing us the round up. As I fought the helm, saying calm-through-crisis inspirational words like "Oh shit!", Mitch was quick to ease the sheet (this time) and we had control in no time. We picked up speed to Warp 8.5 back through The Wormhole, very impressed with the Enterprise-B and her quick-thinking crew. Something tells me, had we been on the Enterprise-A, a broach would have occurred.

I'm not sure yet how we finished - seeing how slow other clubs are with posting information makes be feel good about how we run EBYRA -- but we were certainly tired and certainly re-thinking any foolish thoughts about the Around Long Island this year.

All in all, a great race on a beautiful day. Even the various injuries and clusterfucks didn't seem to ruin peoples' day. I'm already looking forward to getting back out there on Wednesday.