Captain's Log: Stardate 10942.5
It wasn't the steady downpour of showers that kept us from racing last night, but rather the average wind speeds of 1 with gusts up to 2.5 that sealed the fate of the Enterprise as well as every other boat racing in the series.

Knowing all too well that this was going to happen, the crew gathered under the Morris tent instead of beaming over to the ship. It was there that we enjoyed cookies, sandwiches, wraps, cheese and Mitch's salami.

Missing for the night was Ensign Kenny, Lt. Jonathan, Lt. Kurt (dangerously close to being demoted to Ensign) and Lt. Ellen, confined to quarters with a nagging case of the Denoblian Virus - which she swears in nothing, NOTHING, like the swine flu. "I hope there's no wind and you don't race," she said over the communicator between sniffles. That's my girl. Team Player.

Yeoman Kelly showed up a little late, having lost her battle with New York City Traffic and the MTA's so-called "Express" Bus. To try and cheer her up, Lt. Commander Mitch asked her, as only Mitch could, if she wanted some of his salami. Without missing a beat, she asked if it was hard. Sheesh, Kelly - You just got here and he's over 40. Give it a minute.

Crewman Luke then showed us his leg scar from last Sunday's Day Race, which was not only enough to make us lose our appetites, but the crew was also able to exclaim, in unrehearsed unison, "Ewwwwwwwwww!" Then, Captain Dave asked Commander Jory how much blood was splattered on the foredeck. Of course, we now have a new level of respect for Jory and Luke, injured performing their duty during intense conditions and not, say, while opening a cabinet in the galley.

After some time, we went over to City Island Yacht Club to sample the food by the new Steward. Not a large menu by any means, but tasty nonetheless. And the service was excellent, a welcome change compared to last year's 1.5-hour wait for a burger and a pitcher of water.

Afterwards, Commander Richard drove several New Yorkers, well beyond capacity of his Soccer Mom Minivan, back to the city, including a new crewperson from Captain Wendy Walasek's "Fantasy Girl." Wendy and Vince are now less than a month away from the birth of their daughter, which Vince, now retired, will be staying home and caring for. As I picture him singing songs, rocking cradles and changing diapers, I realized just how perfect it is that his last name is "Nanni."