Captain's Log: Stardate 10944.4
With a full crew on board -- except Yeoman Kelly, who chose work commitments over Starfleet duty -- the Enterprise set out in the Easterly breeze for the fourth race in the Wednesday Night Race Series.

Our start could have been better, but that was mostly due to the unorthodox maneuvers by Forza, who failed to keep clear of us, the leeward boat. I decided not to raise our protest flag, figuring we'd probably pass them anyway at some point during the race.

Also in the starting area was Ernie Bivona's Eagle and Wendy Walasek's Fantasy Girl, with her new Tactician, Baby Daddy and EBYRA Curmudgeon (not necessarily in that order) Vince "Don't Call Me Nanny" Nanni.

We rounded the first windward mark and proceeded to perform a jibe set to stay away from the lighter air between Hart and City Islands. The set went well, the jibe went well and our take-down after the short leg was perfect - and the bow team did a fantastic job preparing the Enterprise for a quick jibe so we can achieve the highest possible Warp Speed on our way to the next windward mark.

We were doing well catching up on Eagle and putting some distance on the two boats behind us until we encountered what could only be described as a Fucking Breakaway. Going ultra-slow and a good several minutes behind the rest of her fleet, Breakaway, a Division 6 Beneteau, who is supposed to be much faster than us, especially in light air, blocked our maneuver around the mark and slowed us to a crawl as well, not letting us do our jibe-set as planned and giving Fantasy Girl oodles of time to catch up. And while Breakaway's position was perfectly legal under the rules, it certainly fell under last-place-boat-fouling-a-second-place-boat-in-another-division-asshole-move.

We were still able to cross in second, but Fantasy Girl was close enough behind to correct. All say it with me now -- Thank you Breakaway!

After the race, we went back to Brian Dempsey's (Lt. Jonathan REALLY wanted to see Courtney again) where we enjoyed their great menu and played with the party favors that Lt. Ellen set around the table in celebration for my birthday the day before. The noisemakers were popular for about a minute until the crew discovered the toy rings were able to squirt water about 15 feet. In no time the table scene was filled with streams of water flying back and forth to the point where Foredeck Captain Dave was happy he kept his foul weather gear on.

Meanwhile, Dave was doing everything he could to keep the other waitress, Amanda, coming back to the table. I'm starting to think that Dave should be calling tactics on the boat because that time where he "accidentally" dropped his fork to get Amanda to bend over was pure genius.

The birthday cake came and the crew sang happy birthday. I'm happy to say that they are better at spinnaker maneuvers than singing, though I'm not sure that's saying much. Meanwhile, June passed me a sailing resume by Alan Horowitz looking for a crew position on a racing sailboat. While he's clearly not Enterprise material (the resume was not on quality-laid paper,) I saw that he listed as crew experience "jib trim" and "boom." So, the latter either means he was a preventer on downwind legs or he's very popular with the ladies -- after all a boom could be 12 feet in length.

Lastly, congratulations to Ensign Kenny and his new bride Nina on their wedding and surviving their honeymoon in Africa. I'm told she's already quit her job and is moving to another state - a real time-saver. Still, it took several of the other married Enterprise crew to convince him it was not only OK, but safer, to remove the ring during racing.

Besides, Jonathan "Frodo" Flaks could not help but feel drawn to the Ring.