Captain's Log: Stardate 10946.3
Sitting on the ground at Newark Airport awaiting for weather clearance to take off for my meeting in Los Angeles, I found myself wondering if it might be faster to take the Enterprise instead. Plus, I'm sure it'll be far more entertaining than the double feature on today's flight: Paul Blart, Mall Cop and Pink Panther 2. Ugh. I think there should be a rule on in-flight movies - show something better than films that make passengers hope for engine failure.

As the flight climbed to 15,000 feet, I saw something out the window that I had not seen since long ago. In the before-time. I think they called it sunshine.

Anyway, last night's race on the Enterprise was far better than expected. The crew performed admirably in the chilly Seattle-like weather with two perfect spinnaker sets and take-downs. The shifted winds did not give us an opportunity to jibe, but had we done so, I'm sure that would have went well too.

And, in the end, it was the shifted winds that did us in. So, now it's official. I'm a bonehead. I knew all about the forecast for the wind to go Southeast, but made the mistake of going right. Boats far behind us made out very well by going left, but we did what we could to stay with the leaders.

For a while there, I was concerned we weren't even going to start. By 6:30, several of the crew were still not aboard and were stuck behind the Pelham Park drawbridge, apparently never seeing the opening of the Blues Brothers movie. Lt. Kurt wrote me earlier in the day to say he wouldn't make it, thinking he was dangerously close to being demoted and assigned to the position of Assistant Cabinet Opener. Not a chance Kurt - you're a family man and I know how dangerous that job can be.

Also missing was Zoraida's cookies, Richard's sushi and Mitch's hard salami (or soft salami, for that matter - can a salami take a Cialis?) so I started to wonder how dedicated the crew might be this year. Not even a steering-cable-greased Twizzler. Damn.

I had to end the evening quickly to catch my ultra-delayed flight (I made my meeting with only 10 minutes to spare), so I don't know what went on at Dempsey's - but I'm expecting to get a full report from Lt. Commander Mitch soon. Did Dave climb Amanda's Hills? Who ate whose french fries? And, did Jonathan make out with Courtney? Mitch did promise that even if nothing interesting transpired, he'll just make some stuff up.