Spinnaker Trim Officer's Log: Stardate 10946.3
Lieutenant Commander Mitch Recording
With our captain leaving on an away mission to the close-to-bankrupt planet of California, the balance of the crew and I went back to Dempsey's for our usual post-race helping of wings, beer and conversation. Plus, it seems Lt. Jonathan REALLY wanted to see Courtney again. It wasn't long until it was revealed that Courtney was born in 1990 - 19 years old, the same age as the Enterprise, and young enough to be his daughter. While the rest of the men on board couldn't really see an issue with this, Yeoman Kelly thought he should be ashamed of himself.

With a vagabond birthday party in our usual space (yes, going there twice makes it our usual space,) we were placed at an L-shaped table in the back. And then, speaking of age, Courtney, between lap dances on Jonathan, decided to "card" Yeoman Kelly, Crewman Luke and Ensign Kenny.

Those not getting carded decided to leave thousands of chickens in the world wingless and, while eating, began to think of ways to climb the Amanda Hills. That is, all except June, who apparently spent the evening looking for a stud around the restaurant and bar - but was very, very happy to find one on the floor of her apartment.