Captain's Log: Stardate 10950.1
Last night started with the unfortunate ejection of the secondary warp core primary stabilizer (the top batten on our mainsail came loose and was flung into the depths of Eastchester Bay) but we were lucky enough to have another on board to install so as to not affect our racing for the night.

Thankfully, the Race Committee boat has been experiencing some minor engine troubles and we were able to get everything fixed and running at optimum levels long before the starting line was established.

On board, Ensign Kenny took no time at all to dishonor the recently deceased by spewing off 10-20 Michael Jackson jokes, all from reading off his BlackBerry email -- it looks like the Wall Street crowd is busy as usual. None of the jokes were all that funny. Besides, I hear the latest autopsy showed the cause of death was food poisoning -- they found 12 year-old nuts in his stomach.

The wind shifted to the Southeast, making the committee boat (big surprise) heavily favored. As we passed by, Eben Hansmire, the EBYRA Principal Race Officer, said, "You'll be going to P for your first mark." P being the EBYRA buoy anchored off of Kings Point. This started a round of conversation on board the bridge:

"OK, guys, we're going to P."
"To P?"
"Yes, we're going to P."
"I like when we're going to P."
"Is everyone going to P?"
"How can we all go to P?"
"We're ALL going to P. (To foredeck) We're going to P!"
"Yes, we're going to P."

And it was then when Lt. Ellen couldn't bear it any more and made a quick, really quick, run to the head, murmuring something like "All this talk about pee...."

And, suddenly, Eastchester Bay was a little bit deeper.

The changes in wind velocity didn't give our fleet the start we all were hoping for, but I was still very proud in our ability to be second over the line. By the time we reached the first mark (that's P, for those of you who may be a little slow,) we were among the leaders of the pack.

And then it happened. And, I'm still amazed by it all. Procedures in mind, at a boat length to the mark, I called for the hoist of the chute. The intrepid crew of the Enterprise did EVERYTHING perfectly to America's Cup standards. The chute was full and trimmed before the stern of the Enterprise cleared the mark. We increased speed to Warp 6.5 and glided back to the bay leaving Forza in our warp trail and quickly catching up to Chaika. It simply doesn't get better than that.

But, it did. We rounded the leeward mark with Chaika and our take-down went just as perfectly as our launch. We jibed clear ahead of Chaika and put Rabbi Dave Shulman and the Chaika crew in our bad wind. I even think I farted a little just to drive the point home to them. Chicken, Baked Ziti and Snapple for lunch. They tacked away very quickly.

We put some distance on the fleet on the last upwind leg, including a very bold move around a barge (Chaika tried the same, but far too late and caused the tugboat to decrease power quickly -- interfering with commercial traffic, very protestable indeed.) We crossed the finish line FIRST and even though we corrected down a bit, this was a well-deserved victory nonetheless. A victory that belongs to the crew doing their jobs with expert precision. It's now just a matter of fine tuning.

There's still a lot of season left -- we can do this.