Captain's Log: Stardate 10951.8
OK. I get it. Someone is really pissed at us. Whether it's God, Mother Nature, the Devil or the Bajoran Prophets from the Celestial Temple, I know now that someone is really, really angry.

First, it was two inches of snow every third day ALL winter long. Then, we had a June with almost every day filled with rain, rain and more rain.

Normally, I would just consider that to be just a run of bad luck, but last night a tornado ran through my home town of Yonkers knocking down trees, leaving thousands without power, closing roads, and, I shit you not, dumping tons of hail onto the ground making parts of the outdoors look like snow had fallen.

Yes, that's snow. An image was taken from my Jeep, this morning, in FUCKING JULY!

So what did we do? Did we spend waaaaay too much time on the whole Michael Jackson thing? Did we ruin our economy? Is it because we're freeing probable terrorists and socializing the country? Is it because we passed Chaika last week?

So here it is. Listen up. WE'RE SORRY! We're really, really, really, really sorry. Please give us a break. We're sorry!

Well, except for the whole passing Chaika thing. If that's it, then bring it on.