Captain's Log: Stardate 10953.2
This past weekend, we took a short weekend-long shore-leave from the daily grind and duties on board the Enterprise to head over to Starbase Two on the Jersey Shore, the new full-time residence of Commander Richard and his wife Marcy - also the location for the upcoming 2009 Rolex Fiat/Chrysler Montauk Worlds Regatta.

Highlights included sitting by the pool, great dinners, a screening of "BrĂ¼no" (Hilarious - there is no envelope) and a glorious sail on board a very-special 1978 C&C 34 named "Runty Kid II" -- formerly known as the Enterprise-A.

Commander Richard has done a great amount of restoration of the old ship, including some beautiful modifications down below. And, in the 15 knots of breeze west of Sandy Hook, we were able to achieve well into the Warp 6 range on one of the oldest headsails in the quadrant still in use (a 1978 Van Zandt Dacron 135%) and no main at all.

As we trekked (I don't use that term nearly enough) back to New York in the traffic on the Garden State Parkway, I was asked "Why is your father so ashamed of being a New Jersey resident now? Is New Jersey so bad? I thought it was beautiful."

No doubt, it was a great weekend and it was beautiful.

Maybe New Jersey isn't so bad, but let's be serious. New York is CLEARLY better. We have two baseball teams and two football teams (three if you count Buffalo.) Even the two football teams that PLAY in New Jersey still call themselves New York teams. We have a city that is the greatest city in the world - and so nice that we named it twice (New York, New York.) We all know it. The Garden State has nothing on the Empire State.

So yes, Commander Richard. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed. After all, you'll never see a movie called The Garden Strikes Back and I doubt Star Trek would have gone as far as it did if their greatest enemy throughout the Original Series was the Klingon Garden.