Captain's Log: Stardate 10955.9
As captain of the Enterprise, I try my best to make good decisions. And, even though last night's Wednesday Night Race was filled with bad decisions, horrible maneuvers and abysmal tactics, I think I made the best decision of my career as a Starfleet Officer - perhaps even the best decision of my life.

You see, today is the start of the Around Long Island Regatta. And, I decided that the Enterprise was not to go this year. Had just the wind forecast been a factor - Easterly at 15-20 (tacking the entire way out) - it would have been a good decision. But, with the addition of radar my friends, it turned out to be a GREAT decision. Here, see for yourself:

So, instead of 40-50 hours of wondrous vistas and star-filled skies, the crew would have been exposed to this instead:

Although something tells me Dave would still want to go. OK, maybe me too.

Back to last night: Just once - once - I'd like to try having a lousy start and a great finish. But, there were just too many factors against us. The breeze was light, the Enterprise felt sluggish, the crew was discussing Richard Gere and not wind puffs (or tactics) and we botched a spinnaker jibe losing all hope of passing at least one boat in the fleet. We ended up so far behind everyone that we spent the final downwind legs practicing jibes - again and again and again and again.

Could it have gotten weirder? Hell yes. Lt. Kurt lost a tooth eating a Twizzler. And it wasn't even one of those hard stale ones either. Then, when Kurt's friend Adam was asked if they were a couple, he only replied that Kurt was too old for him.

We crossed the finish line at Warp 5 and did 3 more jibes. In disgust, Lt. Commander Mitch began to speculate what would be involved in removing the Starfleet markings and replacing them with Twizzler advertising (perhaps with a ADA warning attached.)

I suppose the best thing to come from last night's race is the answer to Lt. June's question. You see, before the race, I reminded the crew that next week, the Enterprise would receive its first throwout for the season. And that's when June asked which race would we throw out.

Now we know.