Captain's Log: Stardate 10957.8
The evening started with several phone calls and emails from competitors asking if EBYRA was going to cancel the races due to the very ugly cells heading towards Eastchester Bay over the next few hours. But, by 6:30pm, the skies looked OK enough to send the Race Committee out to the starting area. Personally, with iPhone radar in hand, I decided that there was no way the Enterprise was going anywhere.

Those Enterprise crew that were able to show would have to be content sitting under the Morris tent to watch the storms hit, one right after the other (and yes, there was a second storm - and thanks to a bet with Captain Norm Kilarjian of USS Tolo, the funds towards the purchase of the Enterprise-C has increased by one dollar. That brings the total dollars saved towards a new Enterprise to, you guessed it, one dollar. Only 125,999 to go!)

We were light on crew anyway. With Lt. Kurt bailing out early, Lt. Zoraida nursing her wounds from a rather unique way of flagging down a NYC taxi cab, Lt. Kenny stuck on FDR Drive, Yeoman Kelly trapped on the wrong side of a stuck-in-the-open position drawbridge and Lt. Jonathan eagerly grasping on to his youth by attending a double-bill concert featuring Yes and Asia, we didn't have enough to make a serious go of it - especially in a storm. To Kelly and Luke: Yes and Asia were rock and roll bands from the 70s and 80s and practically everyone who is 40 and above has had at least one of their cassettes. And, oh yes, a cassette is a plastic cartridge that contained music on a magnetic tape that we put in a slot in our car stereos. Think of it like an iPod that only holds 12 songs.

Unfortunately, the races didn't get off for the 9 boats that did make it out there. So, we grabbed our stuff and headed out to Dempseys, where Courtney was back waiting tables with an extra dose of bad attitude. She claimed it was because she was working alone and there were too many separate checks, but we think it was because Jonathan wasn't there.

We're now entered in Sunday's CIYC Day Race and looking forward to another great day on the water.