Captain's Log: Stardate 10959.7
With an amazing first-place victory under our belts from the ultra-stormy CIYC Day Race on Sunday (where damp was the new dry,) the charged-up crew of the Enterprise was ready for action.

Unfortunately, the wind gods around Eastchester Bay did not share the same enthusiasm. Upon arrival to the ship, we saw winds speeds of 1.6 with whopping gusts of 2.2. Once again, the crew used the same excellent foresight they used in not competing in the Around Long Island Regatta by not running the spinnaker lines and keeping the sailcover in place.

I decided to give the impulse engines a good workout and we took the Enterprise out to the starting area to offer greetings to our friends, collect my one dollar from the USS Tolo and simply enjoy the fact that, even with no breeze, it's still better than being in the office.

So, we puttered around for 45 minutes. We asked Tony Sklarew of Alviento what his battle flag flying from his forestay read. We had Roy Halvorson of Crossbow pass us twice as he couldn't get enough of looking at my white clean bottom (insert your own joke here.) And, when we passed Vince and Wendy on Fantasy Girl (baby strapped to the foredeck) they stated that they were having trouble calibrating their wind instruments and if we could be so kind as to give them what we were reading. As the Enterprise glided through the glass-like water, we happily replied "22.5 knots" and went along our merry way.

We went back to our standard-orbit mooring and, in no time at all, the boxed wine and the Enterprise's new signature drink, Rum and Diet Pepsi, was flowing. In no time, we were re-living our adventures from the past weekend and previous storms. Lt. Jonathan, after his wife put the entire northern district of the US Coast Guard on Search and Rescue alert during last Sunday's race, wanted to know who would contact his family should he suddenly become fish food. Turns out there were several volunteers willing to deliver the news to his wife.

But who would tell Courtney?