Captain's Log: Stardate 10961.6
With several important people in key positions missing last night (as well as a few non-important ones -- you know who you are,) the Enterprise went out to the starting area in high hopes that there would be enough of a breeze so that we wouldn't have a third race in a row cancelled.

Our start turned out to be all right, despite the puff moving across the starting area giving the Enterprise a boost in speed and throwing off our timing. We were at the pin at 0:00, but, most of that is thanks to some tricky S-maneuvers and the fact that there were no boats below us.

Backstay/batten conflicts arose as usual in light air, so our tacks were not as textbook as we hoped, but we were still pleased to cross tacks with Chaika on the first leg. Following a rather tricky mark rounding (we missed it by THAT much,) we rounded in second place and held position all the way downwind into the current-filled Eastchester Bay.

We lost some ground in the final upwind leg, but still managed to finish in third with no correction factor changing our standing.

We finished the evening at Dempsey's, where we, for Lt. Zoraida's sake, were on the lookout for approaching taxicabs and Lt. Jonathan revealed that he went to school for electrical engineering, the same degree my father, Commander Richard, had obtained.

Of course, back then, electrical engineering consisted of calculating how far from the kite do you tie the key.

Most of the crew feasted on the 20-cent chicken-wing special, which, of course led me to wonder what do they do with the rest of those little chickens. You never see tiny chicken thighs or tiny chicken breasts.

Poor little chickens. Bon apetit, crew.