Captain's Log: Stardate 10963.3
Last night's race started with a few members of the crew attempting to adjust the secondary warp core stabilizer (adjust the uppermost batten in the main sail.) The adjustment required the use of special tools all at arm's length and it was during that adjustment that I heard multiple requests for magnifying reading glasses because, apparently, the ones doing the job were experiencing some focusing issues due to, dare I say, age. Between eyesight, arthritis and domestic issues, the entire crew, with perhaps the exception of Yeoman Kelly and Crewman Olivier, are beginning to show symptoms of the affliction that seemed like only a few years before only belonged to Commander Richard.

But don't count us out yet. Well, not ALL of us. When it comes to tacks and jibes and moving around the Enterprise in light air conditions, the crew proved that they can move as well as anyone. Or at least any 40 year-old.

Back to last night's race. We had a perfect start followed by an exceptional first upwind leg, rounding the first mark just behind Chaika. Our spinnaker set was just about perfect and included a textbook jibe, putting some distance between us and the rest of the fleet. We even GAINED ground on Chaika!

If only that were the finish. But, the wind got lighter and the engineers on board decided to compensate by adjusting the primary warp manifold by a micron. Except, in this case, the manifold was a genoa car and the micron turned out to be a good six inches. The Enterprise was pointing about 10 to 15 degrees lower than everybody else and we lost a ton of ground on the third leg.

Oh well. After all, we are still learning.

Or it's an age thing.

Thankfully, our spinnaker skills were once again phenomenal including two (yes two!) flawless jibes. We gained ground and were able to take back some of the lost footing. All in all, a job well done.

There's only four races to go in the series - so be sure to tune in next week for some more jibe-talking, centerboard-dropping, tequila-swilling, boxed-wine-pouring, June-narrating and orange-goop-eating action.