Captain's Log: Stardate 10965.5
After towing the Race Committee boat by tractor beam to the starting area, the crew of the Starship Enterprise assumed their positions for Race 13 of the Wednesday Night Race Series. All crew were present and accounted for, even Lt. Kurt (wow,) except for soccer star Crewman Luke (whose knee apparently can't be bent like Beckham's) and Lt. Commander Mitch, who was trapped fulfilling domestic duties in Cape Cod.

Almost missing the night was Lt. Jonathan, who was very late and only brought a single copy of his new book for Commander Richard only. The book, focusing on how to double ones income, probably details how to work more hours by showing up late to racing.

Our start was close to perfection, despite a bold maneuver to avoid a couple of non-spinnaker boats in the starting area. The Enterprise soared upwind and rounded first around the windward mark.

The run downwind was more like a reach and we all knew how well the Enterprise performs in a breeze on a reach with the chute up. The ship took off at Warp 8 out of Eastchester Bay. It kinda felt like this:

Our take down was perfect as we jibed around the last mark and in no time at all, we were at Warp 7 heading towards the finish line - never seeing the stern of a single boat in our division.

So why did we do so well tonight versus every other night? What was different? What was missing last night that's usually there each other night?

Initially, we thought it was Mitch. But, after careful analysis by Mr. Spock, I mean Mr. Kurt, we find the problem is not with Mitch himself per se, but rather with his gigantic yellow duffel bag.

Here is a shot of the Enterprise without the yellow bag on board:

And here is one one with:

Damn you and your yellow bag....