Captain's Log: Stardate 10967.4
Last night started with the joys of preliminary bilge work in order to lighten the load on the Enterprise in order to make weight allocations for Lt. Commander Mitch's yellow bag and a gift from my father, Commander Richard, of Lt. Jonathan's new book straight off, Income Double / Half the Trouble.

Now, one would think after three years of providing Jonathan and his family a starship to sail on now and then, I would get a free copy, but noooooooo! I guess he really, really needs that $11.72 (plus shipping.) Nevertheless, it was an honor to be mentioned, along with the crew of the Enterprise, in the author's foreword. The crew did ask him if he was also going to provide an audiobook version, knowing just how much Jonathan loves to talk. I, of course, suggested that he hire William Shatner to do the read. Imagine it now. "Income Double Half" (pause) "the Trouble." (long pause, extend arms, hands upwards) "Fundamentals and" (pause) "Breakthroughs for Business and" (longer pause) "Personal" (pause again, nodding head, now in a softer voice) "Success." After all:

Now THAT, I would buy.

As for the race, the boat handling all night was textbook crew racing procedures. Every tack, every set, the one jibe, the two take downs - all could not go better. Tactically, on the other hand, we were hurting in a big way. I tacked over too early and put us in Ernie's shadow, forcing me to move the Enterprise to the less-favored middle of the course instead of the right. That first leg sealed our fate and whatever ground we gained on the subsequent legs just wasn't enough to make a difference. Still, the night was crystal clear with a full moon. Could not have been better.

We finished the evening by dining on board the Enterprise with a variety of foods ranging from hummus to Toastitos to sushi to brownies. The on-board 12-volt blender churned to its own warp speed making icy margaritas while I finished the bilge work I began prior to the start.

There's only two races to go now in the Wednesday Night series and two weekend events left. So sad.