Captain's Log: Stardate 10969.3
I was really, really looking forward to last night's race. Not just because I get to go sailing with my friends (I always look forward to that,) but because the Weather Channel was forecasting 15-20 mph winds with gusts to 25. Finally! Some heavy air. Finally! The Enterprise would be in her element and we'll achieve new warp speeds.

But, I apparently forgot about all the previous log entries about the Weather Channel. The average was 8. And, we never saw it gust above 12. Fucking Weather Channel! I'd cancel basic cable, but I'd be lost without Comedy Central or Sci-Fi.

With a good number of crew on board (Commander Richard had a meeting, Lt. Kurt namby-pambied out of another race and Lt. Zoraida felt ill after something she ate - perhaps a taxicab medallion?) we set sails and worked out our plan for another great Enterprise start. That is, until the Terrorist decided to foul us, Fantasy Girl and Chaika all in the course of a few minutes. Red flags flew, as did some colorful terms. "Cosandey" must be french for "asshole".

We worked hard to regain speed in the two-leg race. Our jibe-set was fast, but with the wrong selection of the winch for the spinnaker sheets, we were fortunate that we didn't have to jibe the boat.

Besides, all attention on board was diverted to the gymnastics on the foredeck when Yeoman Kelly dropped to her back and Dave fell on top of her saying something about the position of the pole. She later said that he "Godzilla'd" her. Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? My, my. My foredeck team. They grow up so fast.

On the way to the finish, a meeting was held on the foredeck and a decision was made, sans-captain no less, that next week was not to the Enterprise's last Wednesday Night of the season. So, all crew are requested to report for duty on Wednesday the 23rd for the 20th week of the Wednesday Night Race Series where there will be no race, but a fun sail through the final frontier.