Captain's Log: Stardate 10998.1
As the year winds down and the Enterprise continues on its repair schedule for a re-launch in late April (just five months away!!), I wanted to take a moment to wish the officers and crew, and all our followers from all corners of the planet, the most joyous of holidays.

Even though I, and a few others on the crew, are Jewish, we are all well aware of the fable of the jolly overweight man in a red suit that travels all over the planet bringing joy. Thanks to modern technology, we were able to capture an image of this man in the midst of spreading his holiday cheer from the seat of his sleigh:

No matter what you celebrate, this is truly a special time of year. May this holiday season bring you all that you wish for, including Peace on Earth -- three simple words that I hope to see in my lifetime. I hope you are spending these days with all those who are special in your life.

And, let's plan on a new year (beginning with Stardate 11000.0) full of good health, happiness and at least 15 knots of breeze.