Captain's Log: Stardate 10999.9
A week ago, after having a delightful dinner at City Island, I went to go check on the status of the Enterprise in spacedock undergoing repairs. Since the days were getting colder, I was not expecting much, thinking most of the repairs will be done come springtime.

But, I was pleasantly surprised to see the rudder re-mounted and the keel looking like brand new -- No bumps, no cracks, just an almost-artistic smooth foil. The Enterprise is going to better than ever. A new beginning! Reborn!

Much like after midnight tomorrow evening. A New Year. A time to start anew. A chance to forge new friendships or cement existing ones. An opportunity to set goals in your personal and professional lives.

So, please, readers of the Captain's Log: Take a few moments and jot down all the things that you want to happen in 2010. Then take a good look at your list and see what you can do to make them all a reality.

Here's my list, in no particular order:

- Strive for better relationships with all my loved ones.
- Forge a better network with all my business contacts. Get out there.
- Drop the last 15 pounds.
- Wherever I go, Go Boldly.
- Learn to race better. Pass more responsibility to the crew.
- Have more FUN. At work, at home, and on the Enterprise.
- Make contact?

To the crew of the Enterprise, my family, my friends, my coworkers, my colleagues, and all the people in my life: Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy (and breezy) new year.

May 2010 bring you all that you wish for and beyond.