Captain's Log: Stardate 11036.4
Last night, four members of the Enterprise crew joined me and the EBYRA Principal Race Officer Eben Hansmire as we beamed aboard the USS Favored End to perform Race Committee duty for Race 01 of this year's Wednesday Night Race Series.

The four intrepid Enterprise crew were Captain Dave, Lt. June, Lt. Ellen and, oh man, I forgot his name. He's a new crewman. Wore a red shirt. I think it was Guy.

Anyway, it was cold. I mean really cold. On land, it was in the low 40's. On the water, it was friggin' cold.

How cold? After we started the races, most of us went down below into the tight cabin on Favored End (completely redone by Lt. Ellen over the winter to as beautiful as it could get) but Crewman Guy chose to remain on deck to watch the races. When we came up an hour later to start recording the finishers, we found Crewman Guy's body on the deck:

Crewman Guy

So sad. But, to look on the bright side of life, the team did a superb job of performing race committee. The line was perfect, timing was perfect, flags were perfect. Once again, the Starship Enterprise has set the bar high.

By the time we got back, it was still way too cold. And, the only way I could demonstrate how cold, is by presenting the following image of me in my layers of foul weather gear about to get into my Jeep at the Morris Yacht and Beach Club:


We took care of Guy (dumpster) and went to Brian Dempsey's for dinner, where the service was, in a word, horrendous. Drink orders wrong, June's sandwich wrong, and a guy that came out of the kitchen to apologize and to tell us they were out of chicken pot pie, but NOBODY ordered the chicken pot pie! And, their WiFi wasn't working! C'mon Morris - get that building finished!

As for the Enterprise: Practice, rigging and tuning is Sunday and our first race will be Wednesday. Here we go!