Captain's Log: Stardate 11042.5
It's certainly been a scary start, but this afternoon, I was notified by the yard manager that the Starship Enterprise is ready for active duty, just in time for Race 5 of the Wednesday Night Race Series along with some much-needed weekend day sailing and cruising.

The timing was also right, seeing as, week after week performing Race Committee duty, I kept seeing more and more Enterprise crew on board Breakaway. And not the ones I want to get rid of, either! (Now they're all going to be wondering... hee hee.)

There was even a moment, after talking with my father last weekend, that we'd enter an alternate boat. So, and pay attention now, The Enterprise-B Plan B would be Enterprise-A which is now Runty Kid II. But, Enterprise-A had engine problems of her own, so there's no way A could be B's Plan B. And there's no money to buy C right now. So B's Plan B could not be A or C.

Everyone got that? There will be a quiz later.

Engine problems aside, it was a great pleasure sailing on the previous Enterprise last weekend working our way through the chop and clearing Sandy Hook Point before the wind really died on us.

The engine problem? Well, my dad thought the fuel gauge was broken, because it was reading empty. But, instead, he's got a fuel leak somewhere in the lines or the tank itself. The bad news: A two hour tow back to the mooring by Tow Boat US. The good news: Hey, the gauge works!

Also over the weekend, I learned, finally, Commander Richard's weakness. For example, the weakness in Jim Kirk's original Enterprise was no phasers or torpedo launchers on the back of the ship. Approach that Enterprise from behind and fire away.

So what is the weakness of a man who's pushing 70, walks miles each day, has had a triple bypass and stents galore, but yet never stops going?

Three Polly-O Mozzarella String Cheese sticks and a Blueberry Vodka Martini. Done. Out for the count. I shit you not.

Anyway, back to the Enterprise-B. We've got a new transmission, new wiring, a redone keel and remounted rudder, not to mention a bunch of other enhancements. It's time to start our 2010 season and (you know I'm going to say it) Go Boldly!