Captain's Log: Stardate 11046.0
Once again, with great pleasure, we backed the Enterprise out of Consolidated Yards in hopes to NEVER return again. The impulse power (diesel engine) was purring like a kitten and all systems were performing perfectly well.

Just a few moments earlier, the crew presented me with a gift for themselves for my birthday (Yes, you read that correctly.) Apparently, they have been complaining that their delicate buttocks have been getting sore and bruised sitting on the rail for upwind legs and they all chipped in to buy rail cushions.

Funny, I don't remember seeing a whole lot of cushioning on the deck of Time Bandit, Wizard, Northwestern or the Cornelia Marie during The Deadliest Catch.

But, OK. I'll forget that a little suffering is good for the soul and I'll hope this change doesn't label me as a "softie" among other boat captains. But that's it. We're not going to transform the Enterprise into something that resembles an airbag. And no, we're not going to wrap the spinnaker pole in Nerf foam.

Missing from last night's mission was Lt. Kurt who was at his son's birthday party (Who has a kid's birthday party on a Wednesday??), Crewman Luke who I guess decided that he no longer needed to show up once he got a crew shirt, and Lt. Ellen, stuck at home suffering from so much nose and chest congestion that Kleenex stock has tripled and my home was starting to resemble the hotel scene from Ghostbusters.

As for the race, we had a great start, a good half boat length ahead of Chaika. But, we had some troubles finding our groove for the first half of the first upwind leg. Still, we rounded the first mark in second place and set the chute perfectly putting a great distance between us and the Klingon Battlecruiser Glory Days.

But that lead shortened a great deal when we had a take down that, well, didn't exactly come down. Like a man without enough money in a whorehouse, something didn't get blown.

Our position remained solid for the next upwind and downwind legs, with a textbook jibe, and we crossed the line in second place, correcting into third.

A great night to be sure, but we're seeing too many mistakes on the race course. The team needs to learn their positions as well as others, and, most importantly, pay attention to what they're doing - not so much on what everyone else is doing.

We'll get there. I'll probably be 74 by then, but we'll get there.

But, at least the rails will be cushioned.