Captain's Log: Stardate 11047.1
For Father's Day weekend, we headed down to the Jersey Shore House in Sea Bright, NJ (home of the Montauk Worlds Regatta) for a little sailing on the Runty Kid II (formerly known as the Enterprise-A,) some time with family and some great seafood dining.

Among the other highlights of the trip, was Commander Richard's continued fascination with river crab fishing - with his very own crab pot box which he baits and pulls on a regular basis.

With a video coming soon from my MacBook Pro's iMovie straight to YouTube (editing now,) you can picture in your mind all of the action and drama, perfectly narrated by Discovery Channel's Mike Rowe, of course:

"In the Bering Sea, 90 miles Northeast of Dutch Harbor, Captain Sig Hansen and the crew of the Northwestern, battle 50 mile per hour winds, 20 foot waves and deadly ice as they grab their remaining pots in hopes that they'll be loaded with King Crab. The crew is running out of cod fish bait and have been working for 30 hours straight, with no break in sight.

"2,900 miles away, on the Shrewsbury River in Sea Bright, New Jersey, Commander Richard Schillay heads out to the dock to check his pot one more time before going to bed. The sun has set and the temperatures have gone from a warm 80 degrees to a tepid 75. He too is running out of bait, with the beach house freezer running dangerously low of chopped meat and turkey burgers.

"Standing by, ready to assist, are greenhorns Luke and Caden, ages 6 and 2, still unsure if they want to follow grandpa's footsteps in a crabfishing career or to finish the next Pokemon level on the Nintendo DS.

"It's the moment of truth. The pot hits the deck and Richard can go home satisfied with another hefty haul of two Blueclaw crab, well on his way to meeting his quota of ten, just enough to make a good-tasting appetizer. Here's the Coors Light Crab Count:

Happy Father's Day, Dad.