Captain's Log: Stardate 10151.8
"Is everyone here?"
A brief pause from down below. "Yes. We have everyone. Let's go."
Then I think, but I'm not sure, I heard someone say, "Hurry."

A few moments later, at the dock of the Morris Yacht and Beach Club (a/k/a Starbase One,) Lt. Jonathan Flaks, complete with goatee so that he shall now be referred to a MUFF (Mirror Universe Frodo Flaks,) stepped on board the shuttle launch and asked the driver to be taken to the Enterprise. It was then that the driver pointed to our warp trail and said "Enterprise? The Enterprise left already."

We did consider turning around, but the USS Fantasy Girl was short on crew and we had a full compliment on board last night. Since Fantasy Girl wasn't in our division, I gave MUFF permission to help their crew - and I gave Captain Wendy Walasek permission to use and abuse MUFF to no end. I think I said if he doesn't come back bruised, I don't want him back at all. But, come to think of it, two hours on a 33-foot boat with Vince Nanni may scar him emotionally for enough time to put a psychoanalyst's kid through college. Ivy League, too.

But on to our race. The breeze started out around 12 - more than enough to get the Starship flying at good warp speeds. And fly we did. With a great start at the favored end, we stayed left to take advantage of currents and lifts, putting a great distance between us and Chaika, Forza and Glory Days. The only boat with us, slightly ahead was the Terrorist's Choucas.

But then I goofed, tacking right to look for breeze and a good layline approach to the first windward mark deep in the bowels of Little Neck Bay. The other boats continued left, found nice lifts and closed the gap.

But I wasn't worried. With our new strategy downwind, we'll make up loads. As long as the wind holds.

As long as the wind holds.

As long as the wind holds.

What went wrong the most? From the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary (23rd Century Edition):

Pronunciation: \ˈfrəs-ˌtrāt\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): frus·trat·ed; frus·trat·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin frustratus, past participle of frustrare to deceive, frustrate, from frustra in error, in vain
Date: 15th century
1 a : to balk or defeat in an endeavor, b : to induce feelings of discouragement in
2 a (1) : to make ineffectual : bring to nothing (2) : impede, obstruct b : to make invalid or of no effect
3 a : to move 11,000 pounds of starship in three knots of breeze.

And the worst part was we did some amazing things out there - multiple jibes and fast tacks (now that Commander Jory and Crewman Luke were back in position) - and never once did anyone say "burp". The wind gods were against us is all. It happens.

Finally, I'm happy to report the placement of Crewman Beth on board as the replacement "ABBy". According to Captain Dave, she did very well up there and should be a good addition to the crew. I have a feeling Yeoman Kelly will not be coming back anytime soon.