Captain's Log: Stardate 10157.5
Last evening started with the swearing-in ceremony of Crewman Beth and the presentation of her new crew uniform. And, even though Captain Dave vouched for Beth's commitment and performance, he was clearly against her receiving the crew shirt -- something about how he wanted to be sure she kept coming.

I think he was referring to the - once again - absence of Crewman Luke who has, so far, only been on board once since the start of the season. We were told the excuse, this time, was due to his company being referred to as crooks by stealing people's money in some cover story in a Bloomberg business magazine and Luke was being held back to assist in "damage control." Just wait until they hear about the stolen crew shirt.

Our start was, to put it mildly, awesome, even after we notified the race committee on Favored End that they jumped forward in time by one minute for the start ahead of us. We were first over the line and had a good lead on the fleet heading upwind. The conditions were very favorable for us at 10-15 knots of breeze and the Enterprise was in her groove the entire night. Upwind at Warp 6.8, downwind at Warp 8.8. Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaa!

Either right on our tail, just a few feet ahead or just off our side, for the entire night was Chaika. And, with all that we were doing right, we all now deeply understood why her owner placed himself on the YRA's PHRF Board. Now, I'm not saying PHRF at the YRA is corrupt or anything, but I've seen more integrity at a Ferengi Trade Convention.

Coming in second was great and all, but even Dave got so frustrated and angry that he tried to put a dent my spinnaker pole. With his nose. Twice.

Even Lt. Kurt thought the boat would sail better with a little less weight and tossed one of my winch handles overboard.

Everyone did exceptionally well. If every race was like this one, I'd be very pleased. The only real problems I see at this point are people focusing more on what others are doing and not their own jobs (or sightseeing) and the multiple orders flying from multiple mouths all over the place.

So, again, while opinions are always welcome, even sought after, we need to establish that unless it comes from me, Dave, or the person you are directly assisting (i.e. grinding for the spinnaker trimmer), it does not exist.

You know, like a fair PHRF rating.