Captain's Log: Stardate 11049.9
Here's why I'll never be a motivational speaker:

"Get that sail in! Crank harder! Man up, Kurt! Do not stop. Do not slow down. Keep going. You're only purpose in life right now is to crank that sail in. You stopped. I said don't stop. Faster, Kurt, faster! You're slowing down again. Don't do that. No, you can't have a heart attack. No, I don't have a defibrillator on board. Fine - have the heart attack after you get the sail in."

Poor Kurt. His right arm hasn't had this much abuse since he's been single. But, it was all necessary. We had great breeze last night and this was our opportunity to have the Enterprise shine in the conditions she was designed for.

And shine we did. After a perfect spinnaker set, we accelerated to Warp 8!

And, in the first highlight of the evening, we passed Chaika. Then, our Foredeck Captain Dave noticed that we were going faster than the waves. Excellent - now we have to work on going so fast on the Enterprise that we move through time itself.

Because, time seems to be our biggest problem. People need time to ignore their jobs and point fingers to other people's jobs. People need time to put big knots in spinnaker sheets before running them. Commander Jory needs time to catch a bus. People need time to come up with partially-obscene finger gestures to signal foredeck procedures (warning to crew: If Dave, Zoraida or Ellen give you the thumbs-up, it's not what you think.) We needed 2 minutes and 20 seconds of corrected time to beat Chaika. We needed 39 seconds of corrected time to beat Glory Days. Oh yeah, and Kurt needs oodles of time to crank the sail in.

And I need to find time to pour ten tablets of TUMS, along with 50 milligrams of Prevacid followed by a Pepto Bismol chaser down Lt. Jonathan's throat if he says "burp" just one more time before a tack. EVER. (Seriously - Seven hours of North U. Sailing Seminar and this is what he retains the most?)

Still, the race was fun and it was definitely a blast crossing the finish line in front of Chaika. I'll be in touch with the crew regarding more serious matters, including procedures, but we should look at this as a victory on many levels.

And finally, to Crewman Luke, our assigned grinder who has yet to show up even once this season, after Kurt did a lot of whispering to others in the cockpit last night after the race, it might be wise to have someone else start your car for a while. Just a suggestion.