Captain's Log: Stardate 11061.4
I just don't know where to begin. Between our start, tactical choices, sail trim and maneuvers, we had the Enterprise in her groove last night and, to use a common Starfleet term, kicked some Klingon ass. And, we did it all with several "key" people missing.

Lt. Zoraida was off doing who-knows-what, Lt. Kenny was on a flight somewhere between Chicago and New York, and Lt. Commander Mitch sent an email earlier that he was still at the office. He owns a printing company. As I look around my office, I see a MacBook Pro, a three-monitor Windows 7 workstation, a duplex printer, a CD duplicator and printer, a color laser printer, a folding machine, and a networked copy machine which prints, scans, hole punches and staples -- I ask myself, "Who still uses printing companies?"

And don't get me started on Crewman Luke. C'mon Luke. The spot is still yours. Take it!

Manning the spinnaker trim was Commander Richard, who beamed aboard with thick gauze on his chin with white electrical tape strapped around his head to hold it in place. Richard stated that he cut his chin shaving and since he's on Plavix and blood thinners, the cut was taking a long time to close.

Personally, if I had to go out in public looking like that, I might just opt to bleed out instead.

But it looked strangely familiar. And, in the shuttlecraft on my way home last night, I searched the memory banks and figured out who my father looked like. It was from that show "Crank Yankers" on Comedy Central:

OK. To be totally fair, he wasn't wearing the helmet.

We finished the race in third, but I predict we'll move into second after our protest hearing next week. I won't go into details so as not to corrupt any possible hearing officers that read the log, but, had we not acted quickly, Starboard-tacked Starship would have slammed into Port-tack Forza.

No matter what though, it was great to put some hurt on Glory Days (4 minutes back) and the Terrorist (probably still has not finished.)

There's only five scheduled races left. And even though our division is small, the "Quest for Silver" is still sweet.