Captain's Log: Stardate 10173.2
You know I had to check it out. Shatner back on TV is just too good an opportunity to pass up -- It's been far too long without seeing James T. Kirk in a captain's chair or Denny Crane making eyes at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Boston Legal. And, to be honest, there's only so much one can take of the Priceline Negotiator.

So, last night on CBS, right after Big Bang Theory, was the premiere of "$#'! My Dad Says" starring the Shat himself in the role of Dad, a grumpy divorced old man living alone and ultimately wanting to change his relationship with his son.

Despite some great one-liners, my favorite being "Son, if it looks like manure and smells like manure, it's either Wolf Blitzer or manure," there were some moments where you could actually see, now brace yourself, that Shatner can act. You actually end up feeling for the guy when the song came on the record player or when he failed his driving test - having that look in his eyes when he realizes that he's alone.

All in all, great stuff. And, to be honest, it's great to see the old guy "in command" again. May "$#'! My Dad Says" live long and prosper.