Captain's Log: Stardate 11067.1
After last night, I have a new take on the MasterCard commercials:

Pushing Glory Days over the line early at the start: Priceless
Pointing perfectly upwind at Warp 6: Priceless
Two chute-filled, zero-speed-loss jybes: Priceless
Avoiding the current and hitting Warp 7 downwind: Priceless
Passing the Terrorist and Upchucka, to cross the finish line first: PRICELESS

To say everything went well, would be an understatement. Without any seconds thoughts, it was, by far, our best race of the year. Even the parts where things could have been done better, I doubt there was any real loss of momentum.

And the tide/current data from Stevens Institute of Technology gave us all the information we needed to jybe out of the current and, to put it in official Starfleet terminology, kick some Klingon ass.

Missing from the mission, in what's quickly looking like a trend, were Lt. Zoraida, Lt. Commander Mitch, Lt. Kenny and Crewman Luke. It looks like, while considering field promotions this season, I may also have to consider field demotions. I'm just not sure whether to demote Luke to Assistant Bilge Pump Cleaner, Secondary Diesel Fuel Filter or Backup Winch Lubricant.

The "Quest for Silver" is very much alive. With one more race in our season to go (you would think that a group of people who spent 40 years to cross a desert would think of a way to organize a holiday so it wouldn't fall on a race night,) we must do well in a couple of weeks. As high as the bar was set last night, we can still do better. Engage!