Captain's Log: Stardate 11072.9
Last night was the 20th Race of the 19-Race Wednesday Night Race Series and I'm happy to report we did exceptionally well doing four tacks and consuming nacho chips as well as boxed wine.

On board were Lt. Ellen, Lt. June, myself and Captain Dave, along with his two sons, Danny and David, both of whom have been on the Enterprise more times than Crewman Luke this season.

We dropped the mooring at 1815 Hours and engaged the Warp Drive as soon as we cleared the mooring field, nicely accelerating to Warp 5 past French Fry Point during another picturesque Bronx sunset.

And, just to shake things up, we gave Lt. June the helm. Less boats to hit out there. Now, I won't say that June had trouble steering a direct course, but the Enterprise did more S's than a spelling bee competition finals on the word "Possessionlessnesses."

Yes, it's a real word. And yes, that's nine S's.

I must also add how great it was to have Dave's kids on board. Now, I could say it's because Ellen really enjoys playing with them, or that it gives the Enterprise a real family-fun feel to sailing. But, I think the best part is that there's no better way to empty the food cabinets so that nothing spoils over the winter season. They were even using one of the hatches as a "May I take your order" window. And I'm not kidding, either.

After an hour or so of sailing around, we headed back to the mooring and off the Enterprise just in time for the skies to open up and dump more rain/wind on to New York City.

Unfortunately, due to the downpour, we had to pass on the Fantasy Girl Season-End BBQ, where I hear that, in the absence of propane, they used all the hot air inside John Esposito and Vince Nanni to cook the food.

Still, a great night on the water and a perfect end to a great season of Wednesday Nights.