Captain's Log: Stardate 11120.0
This past weekend, as the temperatures finally went above 50, we decided to pay a visit to Starbase One and check up on the Enterprise's status after the Winter From Hell.

And although there is much work to be done on board before she can once again sail the final frontier, I can't even begin to describe how GREAT it felt to be back on board again. I'm not sure non-boat-owners will understand, but there was a definite "the Snowpocalypse is over, I survived, and I'm finally home again" feeling to it.

Unfortunately, my house batteries were deader than Charlie Sheen's acting career showing an abysmal 11.9 volts despite the solar panel's 0.1 amp of charging power going in. I'm not really all that surprised since I went cheap two years ago and they were showing signs of damage after the overcharging alternator issues of 2010. I'm hopeful I can resurrect the starting battery, showing a measly 12.2 volts.

How expensive are a good set of new house batteries? Let's just say I'm keeping notes of the security camera locations and which tellers look like they'll scare easily at my local bank.

That will also help with the ever-growing shopping cart at stuffed with bottom paint, cleaners, marine tex, and various supplies needed to return the Enterprise to her flagship status.

So, even though the tax season looks like it could be very very good for me, I think I need to hold off a year or so before buying any new sails. Plus I may need to bank some dough to move -- but that's a whole other story. I won't go into details, but if you ever run into a guy named Rocky who lives in the apartment below mine, just punch him in the face, then shrug saying, "Captain's orders."

Work begins on the Enterprise next weekend, weather permitting. We launch in less than two months and I've already got the "fever" to go boldly.