Captain's Log: Stardate 11125.8
I'm happy to report that, after a little work still to be done prepping the bottom, some high-flying mast work and some interior/exterior cosmetics, the Enterprise is just about ready. All looks good for our end-of-April launch date -- waiting on confirmation from the yard.

In the past few weeks, we have ordered paint and supplies; repaired the failed port stanchion; replaced the main power systems with two new 75-pound AGM batteries; tightened the stuffing box; organized the tool section; replaced all flashlight batteries; verified all Coast Guard required equipment; and even ordered a new seat for the head for those who want a little more comfort the next time they leave a "biscotti" on board.

We also added, in an effort to make the Enterprise more technologically advanced, an iPad mounting system so that we can see real-time weather radar, GPS navigation data, race results on the web and email access.

OK - it's also a cool way to listen to iTunes music or watch downloaded movies down below on those dreaded light air days:

Imagine that. 2009's Star Trek movie loaded on my iPad. Who would have guessed?

EBYRA kicks off in a month with three of the Enterprise crew performing race committee duty for Race 01 on the USS Favored End, assuming she's also repaired after her shields-down impact with Mustang Sally and the engine starts. If all goes well, the Enterprise should be out there for Race 02 where we'll see how much the crew has retained in procedures and maneuvers.

Before we get going, I'll be reviewing some of the crew's positions to possibly make changes based on their talents. Stay tuned for that.

It's all so close, I can taste it! Can't wait until we're back out there, planning starts, jybing spinnakers, and yelling at my dad.