Captain's Log: Stardate 11129.6
It's a boy!!

Yesterday, the Enterprise gave (breeched apparently) birth to a healthy 40-something year-old foredeck officer. There was a bit of crying to be sure, but that quickly went away once he was given his bottle (of Guinness Draught Beer.)

After all, it was a full day of labor.

Yesterday was our annual work party, where a good portion of the crew came together to help get the Enterprise ready for the season ahead. Most of the day was spent painting the bottom and conditioning the interior wood of the boat, with a few smaller jobs thrown in (including the don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-him appearance of Lt. Jonathan Marine-Texing the stern cracks.)

The photo above is of Captain Dave trying to fish out the new Impulse Engine Ignition Circuit from the depths behind the engine controls. But, it's exactly how it ended up there that is the real puzzler.

The ignition was slightly bigger than the one it was replacing, so the socket had to be widened a bit using drill bits, files, etc. As I understand it, Jory kept testing the width of the socket, and, in a true moment of science fiction thinking, he believed that, somehow, if the ignition cylinder wouldn't fit in one side of the hole, it may just fit going from the inside.

Had Kurt been there, I'm sure he would have explained to Jory how the laws of physics and basic geometry apply in alternate universes as well.

So, when it didn't fit (much to his surprise no less,) Jory dropped it -- and so began the voyage into the depths.

Nevertheless, the new circuit was installed and tested fine. The hull is painted and the interior shines like never before. With only a few more cosmetic things to do, I think we'll be ready for launch in a couple of weeks.