Captain's Log: Stardate 11135.1
I'm proud to announce that the Enterprise was launched out of spacedock yesterday and has assumed standard orbit, ready for her to continue her mission boldly sailing through the final frontier.

Many, many thanks to Lt. Kurt, Lt. Kenny, Lt. Jonathan and Crewman Alex who were a tremendous help moving jackstands, loading sails and ensuring the Enterprise remained at peak condition during the launch.

The launch went smooth as ever and the impulse drive started right up. As we cruised to our mooring, I remarked that there was a time, back in January, after receiving our third hit of over 20 inches of snow, that I thought this day would never come. But the day has arrived and the Enterprise is better than ever.

Once at the mooring, I went to do a little work down below while the three veteran Enterprise crew gave Crewman Alex a bit of an orientation to the ship's systems, followed by a rigging of the main sail and then a 20-minute long (seemed longer) procedure in flaking (or is is Flaks-ing?) the mainsail onto the boom. Jonathan was quick to manage, even micro-manage, the steps and I figured it was only a matter of time before Kenny, Kurt, and perhaps Alex too, would revolt followed by a splash into the chilly Eastchester Bay. But, to be honest, listening to the good-natured bickering above while sweating down below, I was in heaven. The season is here. Finally!

Lastly, an honorable mention goes out to Crewman Emily who was determined to acclimate herself to the rigors and frustration of light air sailing by driving no faster than 3 knots on I-95 from Stamford to City Island. After a few hours, and only reaching Mamaroneck, she decided to turn around.

Members of the crew will be performing RC duty for this Wednesday's race. All crew are requested to attend a shakedown training cruise the Monday after with our first race just two days after.