Captain's Log: Stardate 11138.1
Last night, the crew of the Starship Enterprise stepped aboard to begin our first mission of the 2011 season -- our first race of the EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series. The radar wasn't looking too good, but what the hell -- why not start the season with some breeze and another evening where damp was the new dry.

Missing for the night was Lt. Zoraida (still in Florida), Lt. Kurt, and Commander Jory who chose to stay home because of the snwiffles. That's right -- Poor wittle Jowy was too sicky to come out and play with us.

I must admit that I did have my concerns with a first night of the season being in so much weather and wind - especially since the entire crew was rustier than a never-garaged 1978 Ford Pinto, but we did very well. In fact, I was proud of the efforts of everyone on board, even our two newbies: Crewman Alex and Crewman Emily. And even with the weather, it looked like everyone was having a great time.

That's not to say we didn't make some errors -- I didn't point well on the first leg, tacked a little too late on the windshift on the last leg and, this is one of those phrases that could only come from the sport of sailing, my father did a lousy job of blowing the guy during the jibe.

What's worse is that, right now, between reading the log and wiping his nose with tissues, Jory is thinking to himself that he's proud that, despite his less years of experience, he can blow a guy better than Richard.

We crossed the line in second place, correcting into third, but nonetheless, a great, great evening. I hope future races will have as much breeze, but perhaps a little less rain -- my foulies are still dripping in the back of the Jeep.