Captain's Log: Stardate 11143.3
Last night began with our yacht club completely overrun by some celebratory party of New York City Firefighters. By my estimate, there had to be at least 250 of them - which brings up two interesting questions: Where were all these firemen when the club was burning down five years ago? -and- Who's left to put out any fires that spark up? There were barbecues, beer, bagpipes and big noise. Whatever they were celebrating (We got on our red truck! We put out a fire! Yay us!), it looked like they were doing it right.

On shore, it was in the high 90's, and New York City posted a heat advisory for the day, cautioning people to stay indoors, hydrate and check on the elderly (I checked -- Richard was fine.) But, on the water in Eastchester Bay, it was a good 15 degrees cooler, thanks to a nice 10-knot thermal that I feared was destined to die as soon as he sun went down.

The Enterprise was in great shape -- all sails repaired, rig tightened and a great compliment of crew, despite the absence of Crewman Alex, Crewman Beth, Lt. Jonathan, Lt. Zoraida and Lt. Commander Mitch. Filling in was Captain Chuck Schaeffer and his first officer Jon from the USS Resolute as well as Frank Murphy, Crewman Emily's "main squeeze".

We tried to get in good position for the start, but were fouled (legally) by the Klingon Vessel Glory Days (in Klingon: D'Q cH'ds) and were forced to go right to get away from the fleet.

But right turned out to be so very wrong. Our position was more disgustingly indecent than Andrew Weiner's hard drive.

We fought hard to gain some ground, and we did a little, but even with the few small spinnaker screw-ups (We're told it's all Kenny's fault,) there just wasn't enough wind and time to have any real results. At least our final downwind leg towards the committee boat at a wonderful Warp 7.4 provided us with a great sailing moment in a dreadful night of tactical mistakes.

Once back at the mooring, we had a healthy, well-balanced dinner of tortilla chips, salsa, peanut-butter-filled pretzels, beer and Diet Pepsi, followed by a glorious birthday cake for yours truly. All in all, a really great night.