Captain's Log: Stardate 11147.7
Yesterday started with multiple weather reports full of predictions of scattered thunderstorms, flukey winds and miserable conditions for the evening. And then the emails started coming in:

"I'm on the road and can't make it tonight" (Sent by iPhone, no less)
"I have to test my company's web page tonight"
"I just saw my doctor and only have use of one lung"

As for the first two -- I'm so on to you. We all know with a good 3G signal or WiFi, one can easily type out an email on their iPhone while sitting in their comfy office to make it look like they're away -- and practically any phone sold today can test a company's website while sitting on the rail. Pre-feed the guy, click link, furl the jib, click link, ease the downhaul, click link.

As for the last, I'm more inclined to believe it. If he chooses to stay at home with the wife and kids rather than be sailing, he must REALLY be sick.

And he missed last week too. Oh my God.

When the rest of us reached the dock, there was hope. There was a good 10+ out of the south and we were still expecting our bare minimum of eight crew. And a quick check of the iPhone radar and it appeared that the major storm cells were going to pass to the south and west of us.

As we prepared to race, some of the crew were asking about the functionality of the Garmin GPS-Map $3000+ instrument I have at the helm. As I explained, and this is bad news for Garmin to be sure, all I need is a weather-proof iPad mount at the helm and a $600 iPad can do everything that the Garmin can, plus I can get up-to-date weather radar, buoy wind data, get email....

... "and surf internet porn," my father quickly added, then held up his iPhone 4 in his waterproof carry case. "I can do it all from here."

And then the rains came. Lots of rain. And the wind died too.

We were all soaked. That is, all except my father who spent the duration of the storm down below, fully dry, with his iPhone 4 -- checking GPS position, up-to-date weather radar, buoy wind data, his email....

...and, by our best guess, surfing internet porn.

In the end, there was no race. Not this week. Not last week. We can only hope the wind gods will bless Eastchester Bay for the rest of the season.